Restructuring & Turnaround Services

In today's business environment, companies face an ever increasing number of challenges. NorthStar's Restructuring and Turnaround Services Group works directly with management to overcome obstacles such as heightened competition, capital restraints, and technological hurdles. The sooner you address floundering business performance, the better your options will be.

NorthStar can help stabilize operational and financial performance through the development, implementation, and monitoring of a comprehensive turnaround plan. Our team of CPAs, CFPs, and investment bankers all have on-the-job practical experience in running companies, and they understand what it takes to put businesses on the path to success.

Northstar Capital has earned the confidence of debtors, creditors, customers, suppliers, investment banks, courts of law and legal counsel. We have a reputation for integrity, objectivity, diligence and candor. Clients know analyses and projections from Northstar Capital are reliable and provide a solid basis for solutions.

The advantages are clear. Whether you seek to preserve capital, create value, reestablish credibility and communication with your constituencies or develop and implement a plan to improve cash flow and restore earnings, Northstar Capital can guide your company to where you need it to be.

Our Restructuring & Turnaround services include:

  • Chief Restructuring Officer
  • Receivership Management
  • Profit Improvement Plans
  • Viability and Liquidation Projects
  • Financial Statement Management
  • Lender Relationship Management
  • Accurate and Insightful Portfolio Assessment
  • Creditor Negotiations

Motivations for Restructuring/Turnaround:

  • Survival
  • Align Divergent Stakeholder Interests
  • Improve Working Capital
  • Request of Lender
  • Performance Improvement

Restructuring & Turnaround Deliverables:

  • Create business viability report including 13-week cash flow projection
  • Develop integrated go-forward turnaround plan
  • Coordinate and manage relationships with lawyers, lenders, and accountants
  • Fulfill or outsource roles from our expert team of CPAs, CFPs, and Turnaround Specialists

Strategic Business Consulting

Successful businesses understand they need to create value. NorthStar has the expertise to assist entrepreneurs in saving time and generating revenue, thereby raising the value of their businesses.

By developing a business strategy or outsourcing basic tasks, NorthStar allows management to focus on their core business.

Our Business Consulting Services Include:

  • Chief Executive Officer
  • Chief Financial Officer
  • Business Valuation
  • Strategic Planning
  • Alternative Financing

Strategic business consulting may help you if:

  • You want to analyze your opportunities
  • You need a forward-thinking plan
  • You want to improve profits
  • You are dealing with an aquisition or merger
  • You need to make time-sensitive decisions

Business Consulting Deliverables:

  • Comprehensive collaboration assessment of business
  • Creation of a visual decision management process
  • Creation, oversight, and implementation of strategies
  • Representation in the capital markets, if needed

Financial Outsourcing

NorthStar Capital is a premier strategic financial advisory firm whose clients include businesses and high net worth individuals or families. NorthStar Capital professionals work in cross-functional teams to serve clients in a comprehensive manner that addresses near and long-term business and personal goals. NorthStar Capital works closely with clients to understand their needs and deliver a tailored suite of services, including:

Wealth Management & Family Office Services

At Northstar Capital, we listen to our clients' interests and help them create and implement viable financial strategies. Measuring results as they relate to your company and family goals are the top priority.

Our team provides the financial expertise, objectivity, and administrative skills to relieve clients of some of the myriad tasks associated with managing wealth.

CFO Services

Many companies cannot afford a full-time, high-level CFO. A part-time CFO engagement will provide a company with the following:

  • Enhanced profitability and cash flow
  • Structured strategic planning process
  • An in depth analysis on internal cost structure and product costing
  • Analytical approach to model and support effective pricing and revenue generating initiatives
  • Support for acquisition and divestiture projects

Accounting & Bookkeeping

Our back office solutions help clients focus on their core functions of their business. In addition, you will save 40% compared to the costs of maintaining in-house staff to perform these functions. An outsourced Accountant is more than a bookkeeper; he or she understands the entire accounting process. Services offered include:

  • Transaction classification and account reconciling
  • Journal entries and month-end closing
  • Preparation of financial statements

Direct Investment

NorthStar Capital internally manages the fund NorthStar Emerging Growth LLC established specifically for the purpose of acquiring controlling and non-controlling interests in select lower middle-market, operating companies through investments in equity and equity-type securities.

NorthStar Capital considers direct capital investment in companies that successfully address the following profile in light manufacturing and distribution industries:

Opportunist. Companies below market or public valuation multiples or orphan subsidiaries resulting from parent restructuring, or passive ownership.

Consolidation Platforms. Companies with strong management teams in place in fragmented industries.

Expansion. Investment in companies targeting expansion into new markets based on extension of their existing capabilities and/or application of proprietary licenses or technology.

Succession Plans. Execution of succession plans and strategies for closely held and family-owned businesses.

The following qualifications are required to fit the NorthStar Capital investment profile:

  • Experienced management team with successful financial & operational track record
  • Annual Revenue from $2-30 million with potential to accomplish a competitive market advantage from a distinctive product, service or technology so as to significantly increase revenues and profitability within 3 to 5 years
  • Capital Requirement of $500,000 - $5.0 million
  • Potential for an exit strategy in 18-48 months